Top mounted shutters

Top mounted shutters that can also be called roller shutters are installed only at the construction stage of the facility or during the replacement of window woodwork in the already existing facilities. The box of roller blinds in this case is applied on the frame of windows or doors. Guide rails are screwed to the external part of the window frame, and only later is the whole set installed in the window recess. The box of the shutters is eventually invisible, and shutters seem to be parts of the windows. 


Top mounted TL1000 shutter

TL1000 is one of the better shutter systems that can be used in newly-built facilities and those being modernized. The access cover is installed on the bottom of the box - it also allows the possibility of building up the box of shutters from the inside of the apartment without concern about the service access to the shutters. They can be installed to windows whose frame’s max. thickness does not exceed 95 mm. TL1000 shutters have no version with a mosquito net.


Top mounted CC1000 shutter

CC1000 – a basic system of overhead shutters. The access cover is installed on the front of the box. They can be installed to windows whose frame’s max. thickness does not exceed 95 mm. There is no version with a mosquito net. CC1000 shutters are an ideal solution for industrial facilities.


Top mounted TP1000K shutter

TP1000K is a system that can be installed on wide window frames, even up to 202 mm (with broadening to 264 mm). Using an expanding element we increase the depth of the box by 31 mm or 62 mm. This system has the capability of creating a revision cover from the bottom (with a build-up box from the inside), or the front (during the installation on a wide window frame). The possible service is both manual - with the use of a belt - and electric - with the use of a switch or a remote control. It has two-chamber load carrying walls that provide better thermal insulation and their high stiffness makes it impossible to bend the box during the installation.

This shutter is also available with mosquito nets


Top mounted MX1200 shutter

Mx1200 is a system of roller shutters dedicated for renovation and monoblock windows. The specific construction of the shutter box with an inspection hatch at the front allows for mounting a roller shutter on the window frames of 60 to 180mm. The rounded bottom edge of the inspection hatch and the ability to use end caps on the access cover and the box sides increase the aesthetics significantly. The operation is possible both manual using a tape and electric using a switch or a remote control.



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